About Ketchup

Tom Cabot is adept at a wide range of publishing functions from project and schedule management, through desk editorial and proofing, to design, layout and digital prepress. Recently, Ketchup has begun to add parallel digital development to the range of services offered. Tom is a member of the Apple Developers' Program and is actively expanding his knowledge of digital planning and migration

Ketchup is also about the well-established, partnership-working relationships we have with an extensive range of talented and committed freelancers, including writers (journalists to authors), iApp developers, editors, indexers and graphic designers - who can be brought in to work on specific projects as needed. Ketchup is as small (1), or large (team-based) as you need it to be.

What's on offer?

Skilled, stress-free, scalable publishing services - we can offer high-quality packaging, graphic design, digital development and economical production verve and material specification - alongside proper, thought-through editorial intelligence and instinct. Flexible, accommodating, demanding of the highest standards (of ourselves), imaginative, timely, completely open - and, hopefully, a pleasure to work with. Aiming to deliver exactly what you require and desire, when you need it.


Tom Cabot has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Balliol College Oxford, and over 20 years' experience working within a wide variety of publishing companies in positions that span the editorial-production divide. From 1997 he was Editorial Production Manager at BFI Publishing at the British Film Institute. Since 2007 he has headed up Ketchup Productions.


Tools we use

Mac OS based:
CS5 Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator; QuarkXpress 8; Apple iOS SDK; C-Objective/Cocoa Touch; Acrobat 9 Professional; Microsoft Office

Where we are

26 Vesta Road, London SE4 2NH 07786 236 553 020 7277 6461